Great content and search engine management keep your site top of mind for customers and top of page for search engines.

If your website is great looking, but no one sees it, does it help your business?

The bridge between your customers and your website is a search engine like Google or Bing. Or, it might be a “search engine” like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Once upon a time, just having accurate content was enough for your website to come up high on the list of search results. Now, getting that higher ranking takes real strategy and know-how. Search engine marketing and management is a set of practices that includes strategic content, and an in depth-understanding of what search engines and customers are looking for. Search engine management can include content updates, social media updates, review and online reputation management, and smart leveraging of paid advertising.

search engine optimization imageAt PurpleHat Designs, the approach to managing search engines is practical: no “tricks,” no “web secrets,” and no one-size-fits-all approach to getting your business found. Search engines are designed to bring the highest quality, best information to the people who use them, so PurpleHat makes sure that your website has high quality content backed by solid research and search engine management practices.

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