Website Design

Businesses need a website at every stage, which is why PurpleHat Designs provides design and maintenance services that grow with your business. Whether your venture is established and in need of a cohesive, professional presence to tie it all together and take you to the next level, or you’re beginning the process of making your passion your profession, PurpleHat Designs is with you. PurpleHat offers sensible, customizable packages and ongoing services as your business needs change.

Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Management)

When you’re ready for your business to be found, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure that the people who are looking for your services find you. Optimized websites get you found before your competition, and ongoing SEO is available to keep you top of page and top of mind. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing and Management are an ongoing process of keeping your site at the top of the page. Fresh content, new information and links, and useful changes to your site keep customers and search engines interested.

Content, Content, Content

If you’re working with an in-house designer or marketing team on a project, turn to PurpleHat for crisp content that speaks to your audience. From behind the scenes, PurpleHat creates content that clients, customers, and search engines love.

Need a blog? We create blog content that keeps people reading, and blends seamlessly with your organization’s SEO and social media strategies.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Paid search engine advertising, like Google Adwords, is a must for staying visible. Unlike print advertising, online advertising makes the most of your budget by reaching exactly the people who are looking for your product.

Blog Set-Up and WordPress Tutorials

Starting a personal blog is a great way to express yourself and reach others with similar interests, but the set-up can be daunting. Where to start? What’s the difference between hosting plans? How do you make your blog look like you, and reflect your interests and goals? And then, how will people to find you? Get proven advice and hands-on training with your own project from PurpleHat. We offer tutorials on getting started and getting found. Start with and idea, finish with a blog!

Google Analytics Tutorials

Google Analytics tells you who is visiting your site, how much time they’re spending, what they’re searching for, and just about anything else you could ever want to know. PurpleHat’s tutorial will show you how to find just the information you need in this robust (and sometimes overwhelming) application. Find out what’s working with your website or blog, and learn how to anticipate what will keep your readers coming back for more.

Let’s get started! Contact us for a free, personal consultation.