from Lauren B. Flax, Proprietor, PurpleHat Designs

The Unique Challenges and Rewards of Designing Long Term Care Websites

Back in 2000, I was tinkering with websites for fun at night while my “real” job was working in the marketing department of a new assisted living residence outside of Philadelphia. Although I’d had other communications jobs, I learned quickly the unique complexity of senior living marketing. Simply having a great “product” is not enough. Success rests on being able to reach people personally and skillfully, and help them to navigate a challenging and emotional decision making process.

long term care websitesMaking this connection is especially challenging when your prospect’s first impression of your residence won’t be in person. It will most likely be through a computer screen, while gathering information about all of the other long term care facilities in your area.

In fact, over 90% of caregivers turn to the internet to research on behalf of those in their care, with long term care, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory care ranking highly among the topics searched.

So, how do you get your customers engaged before they ever meet your staff or see your community? That’s where PurpleHat comes in. Thirteen years in communications, long term care marketing, and online marketing go into creating a site that keeps your customers interested, and makes you the standard against which they measure the competition before they ever pick up the phone or step through your door.

A website is a significant expense for a senior living community and done right, it brings with it a great payoff. Let’s start a conversation about getting right message to your prospects online.